Mom’s Bench

Plaque on Mom's Bench

Celebrating 100 years

Mom's Bench (1)When we were getting ready to celebrate Mom’s 100th birthday on March 17th she declared she didn’t want gifts. “Where would I put them?” Yet we wanted to do something to honour this wonderful woman and her life. The answer came when my brother John and his partner saw a bench commemorating a 100th birthday during a visit to Rockport, Mass. Aha! say they, why don’t we do something like that for Mom. And that’s how the project started.

John & MomMom’s favourite place to visit is the Cape Forchu lighthouse. John got in touch with the good folks at Friends of the Yarmouth Light who agreed the bench could be installed there. After a lot of research and discussion within the family John designed and built a bench. He and my sister Joan consulted with Mom about what should go on the plaque which Joan arranged to have made.The bench was unveiled at the family reunion held on Mom’s birthday and is now firmly in place in a wonderful spot at the light.

Mom's Bench Inauguration DayInauguration day was Friday, 7 June 2013. The photos above and to the left show Mom sitting on the bench for the first time. She wouldn’t sit on it while it was “on display” at the family reunion. She was determined it inaugurate the bench when it was properly installed at the light.  It was a cloudy day, not unusual for the Cape. With Mom in both the photos is my brother John who built the bench and masterminded the project.

If you would like to learn more about Mom there’s a wonderful article describing her nursing career written by Barbara Keddy. Go to the Nursing History of Nova Scotia web site, click on Nursing Pioneers and then click on  Dorothy Ellen Allan. There’s also an interesting history of Yarmouth Nursing Rings on the site.

Bench Visitors

If you visit the lighthouse, take a photo of you, your family or friends sitting on the bench and send it to me. I would like to post it on this web page. Include the approximate date and name—if you wish just the first name is okay.

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3 Responses to Mom’s Bench

  1. Marilyn Ellis says:

    I have enjoyed Musings. What a great idea in honoring your fantastic “Mom”.

  2. Brian Johnson says:

    i see this as a great tribute to your mother,excellent wilfred.

  3. Next time I am in Yarmouth I will indeed sit on this bench as I am very fond of your Mum!

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