Port Maitland
Village Wide Yard Sale

Saturday and Sunday,
21 & 22 June 2014
9am to 4pm

Lots and lots of folks will be setting up tables in front of their homes or joining with others. A great social time as well.
The Bay View Baptist Church will be back with their yard sale and back sale to help send a child to Camp Peniel. I hope they’ll be selling hot dogs again. (I suspect they won’t be open until after church gets out on Sunday, which may be the case for some other folks as well.)

Ten Thousand Villages
Fair Trade Gift Sale—2014

Ten Thousand VillagesBeacon United Church
25 Beacon Street, Yarmouth
Friday 28 November 9 am to 9pm
Saturday, 29 November 9 am to 3pm
Wheelchair & Stroller accessible
Admission is free

if interested in volunteering
leave a reply or click “Contact” at the top of this page

A huge thank you to the 94 volunteers and the 1000+ customers who made the 2013 sale a big success with sales of over $28,000—the largest sale in Nova Scotia. See you next year.
The dates and times appear above.


Upcoming Hook ‘n’ Sea Events

Hook 'n' Sea in Winter

Hook ‘n’ Sea in Winter

Any individual or group in our community should feel free to propose an event that could be held during Hook ‘n’ Sea’s regular hours (Mon-Sat: 9am to 10pm; Sun: Noon to 8pm). Keep in mind the shop will still be open to the public during the events and everyone will be welcome to attend and shop as well.

Family History Tuesdays

I will be at Hook ’n’ Sea every Tuesday evening 7 to 10 pm. My main reason for being there is to give Ellie some time off but do feel free to drop in just to chat about genealogy—whether you’re a beginner or have done lots of research and have hit a brick wall. Hook ’n’ Sea has WiFi so, if you wish, bring your laptop or tablet and hook up to some of the great family history web sites. I’ll be happy to give you a hand if needed but expect I’ll be learning as well. These evenings will be informal and without structure. There will be no lectures or classes. Whether it’s just one person  or four or five it should be fun. Hook ‘n’ Sea will, of course, still open for folks who want to just drop in, browse and enjoy the fireplaces.  As always, the coffee pot will be on.

Games Nights

Every Thursday evening there may be some folks drop by to play board games. There have been as many as a dozen people, although one night only one person showed up so he worked on the jigsaw puzzle and chatted with folks who came in to browse, shop and enjoy the fireplaces.
A tradition has started on these nights of bringing a loonie to support Camp Peniel. Not necessary but nice if you’re able to do it. Sometimes folks bring along some yummy desserts as well.


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