About Musings

taken in one of my favourite places—Free Will Baptist Cemetery, Beaver River. photo by Phyllis Jayne

taken in one of my favourite places—Free Will Baptist Cemetery
Beaver River.
photo by Phyllis Jayne

Musings are the result of contemplation and thought, even daydreams. This web site is a chance for me to share those things I care about. It will be a hodgepodge reflecting those thoughts and dreams, many of them about the community I live in.

This will likely not become a typical blog for some time. I won’t be making regular posts but instead will be building up the site. However, if you would like to be notified about the occasional posts I might make just click the “Follow” tab that should be at the very top of this and other pages on the site.

I’ve discovered there’s lots to learn about the process of creating a web site. Even more difficult has been getting my act together to figure out what I want this site to become. However, millions of others have done it, so why can’t I? There will be lots of mistakes and do-overs. Please bear with me and do feel free to share your criticisms and ideas.

If you take a peek inside, here’s what you’ll find:

The Moose Pit Adventure explores the heritage, people and places of my home—District 4 in the Municipality of Yarmouth.

Local Businesses has profiles and links to small enterprises in our area that merit our support.

Events reflects my own eclectic interests in upcoming activities in our area.

Our Heritage will likely become the largest page of the site. It combines my eclectic interests into a mishmash that will likely need a table of contents.
It begins with a description of Old Stones, a cemetery preservation project in the Beaver River area that has to be one of the most satisfying volunteer activities in which I’ve ever been involved. Also are two other projects, not in the Port Maitland area but in Chebogue. The wonderful Chebogue Cemetery and the Congregational Church nearby.
They are followed by two volunteer projects that greatly enrich my life and I know are of interest to others. They are Ten Thousand Villages and an Eastlink TV program called In Focus which I have hosted for the past seven years. You will find background information on both of those here.
I believe there is value in knowing how we voted and who we elected in the past. I have posted provincial election results going back to 1904 and hope to do something similar for municipal and federal elections.
There is also a bit about a project called 
Our Living Waters. I was my involvement in this that inspired the creation of this web site. The project itself is dormant at the moment but here’s hoping it may be reactivated.

Mom’s Bench is about a project to celebrate my Mom’s 100th birthday. Bring a camera if you plan to visit the Cape Forchu lighthouse.

5 Responses to About Musings

  1. Gordon Treichel says:

    great photo! miss the home waters…

  2. Carol Nickerson Jacquard says:

    Great job Wilfred. Lots of interesting stuff. A website that I’ll revisit often.

  3. sandraphinney says:

    Wonderful! Happy to see your site!

  4. George W. Killam says:

    So glad you told me about this site. Every new resident should be made to visit this site to learn about the area. I’ll be back.

  5. Wonderful website! I will certainly be back for more!

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